April 28, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

While we’ve had some clouds around and some rain showers are developing in Southwest Virginia, it’s still been a nice, warm day. We’ll have the same for a while tomorrow before rain moves in again. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through the weekend!

A cold front has been stirring up some storms in the southern plains today, and all of that is headed our way for tomorrow. We should get some scattered showers and storms for some starting tomorrow afternoon, but for most for Thursday night. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Mostly cloudy, a small chance of evening rain. Low 58.
  • Thursday-Cloudy and windy, some showers and storms are possible in the afternoon. Highs near 80.
  • Thursday night-Rain and thunderstorms likely. Low 52.
  • Friday-Morning clouds and scattered showers, becoming partly cloudy late. Highs near 70.
  • Saturday-Mostly sunny. High 72.
  • Sunday-Partly cloudy. High 78.

There are some storms in southwest Virginia near the Kentucky border tonight, but that’s about it. As the cold front out west gets closer, we’ll see more clouds and better chances of rain and thunderstorms. It looks like the best chance of thunderstorms will be tomorrow night, right before the front moves through Friday morning.

After that, we’ll cool down a bit, but not too much. Overnight lows into the weekend might get down into the upper 30’s for some, but highs will be in the low 70s on Saturday, with upper 70s likely on Sunday.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast! Have a great Thursday!

April 26, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

It didn’t start out very warm at all, but this has been a fantastic Monday from a weather standpoint! Temperatures in the mid to upper 70s are always something to be happy about! And that will get even better for the next couple days. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Friday!

It was definitely a little chilly to have on warm weather gear this morning, but it’s perfect right now! And thanks to our temperatures warming up today, the nights won’t be as cold, either. Tuesday and Wednesday look fantastic, as does a good bit of Thursday, before rain returns. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Mostly clear, low 47.
  • Tuesday-Mostly sunny. High 83.
  • Tuesday night-Partly cloudy. Low 54.
  • Wednesday-Partly cloudy. High 83.
  • Thursday-Increasing clouds, a few showers and storms possible late, mainly overnight. High 82.
  • Friday-Cloudy with scattered showers. High 68.

Currently, we’re on the western side of high pressure, which means dry weather and warming conditions. We won’t have any weather problems through Wednesday, and we’ll see temperatures in the low 80s at least for highs the next couple days.

Meanwhile, the system that brings our next chance of rain late Thursday is in the Rockies down toward the southwest. That will move across the Plains by Wednesday, then start bringing rain in here Thursday afternoon. We could have some scattered showers and storms then, but the best chance of rain will be just before the cold front moves through here Thursday night.

That cold front moves in from the west, and right on its heels will be a quick-moving front in from the northwest. So I’ll have to continue chances for scattered showers on Friday, as temperatures get back to around average for this time of year. As of now (and it’s still a long way away to be specific), it does look like we might have dry weather for this weekend.

I’ll have updates on that as we go through the next few days. Have a great Tuesday!

April 23, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Clouds have overrun our area this afternoon, and we’ll continue to have to deal with that for a while this weekend. But once the sun comes out for good, the warmup gets real! Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through early next week!

Low pressure that is currently in Colorado and New Mexico will dive into Texas tonight and move through the South on Saturday. It then will turn north toward Western North Carolina tomorrow night. So expect scattered showers tomorrow, and more widespread rain is possible Saturday night. After that, we have fantastic weather coming! Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Cloudy with a couple showers possible. Low 43.
  • Saturday-Cloudy and windy with some scattered showers. High 62.
  • Saturday night-Rain likely, low 48.
  • Sunday-Maybe a morning rain shower, then becoming partly cloudy. High 67.
  • Monday-Mostly sunny and warmer. High 78.

As it looks right now, a few rain showers are possible tonight, since some are showing up on radar near Knoxville around mid-afternoon. It’s nothing too heavy, though. We’ll continue to see small chances of rain overnight, then as that system gets closer, rain chances go up.

Saturday shouldn’t feature a whole day of rain, but it’ll be around on an off-and-on basis. The best chance of widespread rain, though, comes Saturday night as that low pressure will be near Boone by late evening. It’ll be gone as soon as it arrived, though, off the east coast by Sunday morning.

So, from Sunday morning on, conditions should improve. We should have a pretty nice afternoon after all is said and done. Since no cold front moved through (it went south of us), we won’t have a drop in temperatures, but we’ll gain some degrees. Sunday should be about average, then on Monday we’ll be in the upper 70s. 80 degrees and more are possible Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our next chance of rain from there looks like it’ll be sometime on Thursday, which is six days away. I’ll be around to update the blog plenty between now and then, and as we get closer to it I’ll have a better idea about the timing of the system and all of that.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast. Have a great weekend!

April 22, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

It’s been a pretty chilly day, thanks to the cold front that just went through, and the high pressure coming in from cold parts of North America. The change is coming, though, and we have some nice high temperature numbers toward the end of this Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast!

A freeze is possible once again this morning, so be aware of that. I received reports that it looked like snow had fallen in parts of our area this morning, as our low dropped to 25 degrees. That broke a big record of 28 degrees…set in 1943! Knoxville had a record low, beating theirs dating back to 1993. Chattanooga did the same, their broken record low was last set in 1953! Warmer times are coming, thankfully! Here’s the outlook, starting with one more cold night:

  • Tonight-Mostly clear with a likely frost or freeze. Lows near 30.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy and warmer. High 62.
  • Friday night-Increasing clouds, a rain shower is possible after midnight. Low 44.
  • Saturday-Cloudy with scattered showers. High 62.
  • Sunday-A few morning rain showers, then becoming partly cloudy. High 65.

High pressure will be directly over us by morning, allowing for one more night of cold temperatures. Things get a bit warmer tomorrow than today, then clouds move in tomorrow night. That, plus winds coming from the south, will keep the lows from the 30s Friday night.

A cold front approaches on Saturday, bringing a lot of rain to a lot of the country, including off-and-on rain showers for us. Sunday will feature morning rain, but things clearing out in the afternoon.

As it looks right now, we’re back in the 70s with sunshine on Monday, and Tuesday should be a fantastic day, and we might get above the 80 degree mark. So, hang in there for a few days!

April 21, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Cold weather has returned to our gorgeous corner of the planet today. It won’t stick around too long, though. Here’s a quick Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Saturday!

Be aware that a frost or freeze is possible Thursday and Friday mornings. That’s important if you have plants that you want to live to see the weekend. You might want to cover them up if cold will harm them. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy and cold. Lows near 30.
  • Thursday-Mostly sunny and windy. High 55.
  • Thursday night-Mostly clear. Low 33.
  • Friday-Mostly sunny, high 65.
  • Saturday-Cloudy with scattered showers. High 64.

A pretty strong high pressure for this time of year is coming in behind the cold front, which is causing the chilly weather. Thankfully, we’ll be much closer to normal temperature-wise as we head into the weekend.

A new cold front approaches on Saturday, so expect clouds and scattered showers to start the weekend. I’ll have a full weekend forecast tomorrow afternoon. Have a great Thursday!