July 15, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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The heat is on, and will continue for the next few days as we look toward the weekend. It’s summer, so hot days won’t go away for quite a while. Welcome to a quick Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Saturday!

If you’re here for the NASCAR All-Star Race at Bristol, things look good right now. The problem this time of year is, storms can fire up rather quickly, and a few hours out is difficult to predict. So while delays for rain don’t look likely at Bristol Motor Speedway, they can’t be ruled out. Regardless, they’ll run the full length of the race tonight, and it should be a fun one!

After that, we have better chances of rain and storms for Friday and into the weekend, but hot temperatures will still remain. Here’s the outlook for the next three days:

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy. Low 65.
  • Thursday-Sunny and hot, a small chance of rain or a thunderstorm late. High 92.
  • Thursday night-Partly to mostly cloudy with a small chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Low 68.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy with some scattered afternoon showers and storms. Highs near 90.
  • Saturday-Partly cloudy and hot, with some scattered showers and storms, mainly in the afternoon. Highs near 90.

Thursday looks to be another typical summer day, but better chances of afternoon rain and storms become a possibility on Friday and Saturday. If you have plans, it’s not worth changing them over right now. Just make sure you’ve got somewhere indoors to go if you hear thunder while you’re out.

Otherwise, keeping cool is the main thing! Have a great Thursday!

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June 28, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Rain and thunderstorms are temporarily finished for this Sunday afternoon for most of us, but be prepared for more rain and storms to be scattered around our area for a lot of this week, especially early on. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for the week ahead!

For a little while today as the storms moved in, power flickered on and off a few times for a few folks. Thankfully, most everything stayed just fine where I was. We received a decent amount of rain with the storms, but thankfully, no hail or damaging winds were involved. Heavy rain is one of the bigger threats through this week, especially Monday and Tuesday. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Cloudy with a few showers and storms. Low 68.
  • Monday-Mostly cloudy, scattered showers and storms are likely. High 82.
  • Monday night-Mostly cloudy, a few rain showers or storms. Low 67.
  • Tuesday-Cloudy with scattered showers and storms likely. High 81.
  • Wednesday-Partly to mostly cloudy, with more scattered showers and storms. Highs near 80.
  • Thursday-Partly cloudy, some afternoon storms possible. High 83.
  • Friday-Partly to mostly sunny and warmer, with a few showers and storms possible in the afternoon. High 87.

A cold front is going to wander its way into our area tomorrow and wobble around for a little while, which will cause some off-and-on shower and storm activity for much of the week. The main issue with that is that some rain will be heavy inside some of the storms, which may cause some flooding. Damaging winds are also possible with storms in the coming days.

It won’t rain all day, though. It may be cloudy for a majority of the day either tomorrow or Tuesday (or perhaps both), and rain quite a bit at times. But there will also be dry weather at times as well, as it very rarely rains all day this time of year.

Temperatures do trend upward later this week, as the front becomes stationary near us and washes out completely. That’ll bring us back into summer, with temperatures in the mid 80’s possibly for some on Thursday and we’ll be in the upper 80’s on Friday.

Stay safe around the rain over the next few days, and have a great week!

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June 26, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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It’s a beautiful, dry, Friday across the entire area as we’re about to head off into the weekend! As we go through said weekend, though, rain chances will increase, with better chances of showers and thunderstorms starting Sunday afternoon. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for the weekend and beyond!

As opposed to some, I’m not going to preach about wearing a mask or staying six feet apart during the pandemic. You know what to do. But do you know what to do if there’s a thunderstorm nearby? It’s simple–when you hear thunder, go inside! It does NOT matter if it’s not raining! Whether it’s a car or (preferably) a fully enclosed building, getting indoors can help you be as safe as possible when our normal afternoon pop-up storms visit your location. Which will happen sooner or later.

Those chances are smaller to start the week, but get larger late this weekend and early next week. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy, low 63.
  • Saturday-Mostly sunny, some pop-up storms possible in the afternoon. High 84.
  • Saturday night-A small chance of showers and storms, otherwise partly cloudy. Low 64.
  • Sunday-Partly cloudy with off-and-on showers and storms. High 82.
  • Monday-Cloudy with showers and thunderstorms likely. Highs near 80.
  • Tuesday-Partly cloudy with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. High 82.

It’s been a calm day across the area weather wise, with temperatures in the mid 80’s late this afternoon in the Tri-Cities, with upper 70’s in the North Carolina mountains. It’s in the upper 80’s near Knoxville right now. It appears things will stay dry from here to there throughout the evening.

Tomorrow should start out sunny and dry, with rain and a couple thunderstorms starting to pop up in the afternoon. Temperatures will be comparable tomorrow with what we’re getting today.

A cold front approaches by Sunday, and the closer it gets to us, the better chances and coverage of rain we will see. Look for scattered showers and storms to be around bot Sunday and Monday, also into Tuesday. Thanks to rain being around more often, we’ll see highs get up to the low 80’s at most for Sunday through Tuesday.

When the front moves through, it’s going to wash out south of us. That means the air behind the front will become just like what’s in front of it. If it’s all the same, there’s no line between them! This happens a lot during summer around here, and toward July and August we’ll have a few fronts that don’t get here before they either die out completely or move back north as a warm front.

Either way things go, it won’t get cold, we know that much! So get out there and enjoy the weekend…to the level of ability that you can with the virus situation. Have fun, and stay safe!

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June 16, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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It’s one of the coolest June 16th days on record! Low pressure off the coast of the Carolinas has spun enough clouds in here to keep us well below our 83 degree average for June. We’re going to slowly work back to that in the coming days. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Saturday!

The good news is that the coolest we should see weather wise is today, and we’ll warm up as the low pressure moves north. It’s a slow move, though, so the rain chances it presents will continue at least through Friday, if not longer. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Mostly cloudy, a few showers around. Low 55.
  • Wednesday-Mostly cloudy, with some scattered showers from time to time. Highs near 70.
  • Wednesday night-Cloudy, some scattered showers. Low 57.
  • Thursday-Mostly cloudy, with rain likely and a possible thunderstorm. High 78.
  • Friday-Mostly cloudy with some scattered showers. High 80.
  • Saturday-Partly cloudy and warmer, only a small chance of rain or a thunderstorm. High 83.

It’s called a “cut-off low” that’s bringing April-like weather to mid-June. Our average temperature is around 83 degrees this time of year, as mentioned above, and we’re nowhere near that today. Our high of 66 (unless we gained a random degree somewhere) will tie the record for the coolest high temperature on record around here. That was set way back in 1963.

Cut-off lows can cause meteorologists headaches because they’re not generally involved in the weather pattern of the day. This time around, it’s happening in summer when the weather pattern doesn’t move much. So that low pressure has been out there off the southeast coast for a while, and will only get to Pennsylvania by this weekend.

That being said, expect the unexpected. Systems like this can do some weird things. So with rain in the forecast every day through Friday and maybe even Saturday, be assured that it won’t “rain all day.” There will be dry times and the sun will even come out from time to time.

The low will be closest to us through Thursday, and then will eventually go through the Northeast. The farther it gets away from us, the more into the summer weather pattern we’ll get. As it looks right now, Saturday looks like one of those days as humidity and temperatures rise, storms will become possible for only a few in the afternoon.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast. Have a great Wednesday!

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June 15, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Low pressure is located off the Georgia coast right now, and it will take the week to go from there into the Carolinas and into the Northeast. That will bring a decent chance of rain each day this week. Here’s the outlook through Friday!

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy, a couple showers and storms possible. Low 55.
  • Tuesday-Partly to mostly cloudy with a few showers and storms around. High 68.
  • Tuesday night-Cloudy with a few showers and storms. Low 56.
  • Wednesday-Mostly cloudy, with some showers and storms from time to time. High 73.
  • Thursday-Mostly cloudy, scattered showers and storms likely. Highs near 80.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy, some scattered showers and storms. High 82.

I’ve heard it said a few times that “they”–meaning meteorologists, on TV or otherwise–said that it would “rain all day” or some such thing. That’s something that only really happens this time of year if a tropical system is moving through post-landfall. Typically, we start off with sunshine, things heat up, and some storms pop up from time to time.

This week will be a little different from that, but the same deal still applies. We won’t get rain all day every day this week, but each day features a good chance of rain at some point. And it’s not an afternoon-only situation, either. Rain and storms are possible at any time throughout the course of the next four days.

So keep that in mind if you’re out. If you hear thunder while outside, head indoors until you don’t hear thunder anymore. While driving, slow down a little and pull over (into a parking lot of some sort, preferably) if it’s raining too hard for you to safely drive. Once the storm passes in either situation, you can move on.

Temperatures are well below average for this time of year. We were at 75 degrees around 4 PM, which is 8 degrees below our average for mid-June. We’ve had some days near 90 this year already, so this is definitely a welcome cool spell! We’ll get back up toward normal later in the week, by Friday if it doesn’t happen on Thursday.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast! Remember, you can hear forecasts each day from me on WHCB 91.5 FM, 96.3 The Possum and 97.3 Love FM if you’re here in the Tri-Cities. The links are to the right side of the page if you are interested in listening online. Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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