July 9, 2019 #TriCitiesWx Forecast (with @Ottersoccer shout out!)

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It’s not hot everywhere today, but we did reach 91 degrees in the Tri-Cities today. Up in Boone, however, it’s 68 degrees and foggy! We won’t see much weather like that off the mountain for this Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast, but it would be nice!

Our local semi-pro soccer team, the Tri-Cities FC Otters, are playing in Boone at Appalachian State’s soccer complex against Tobacco Road FC (as this post is written), and it looks a lot like November up there. Perfect for soccer, I suppose, with no sun and not terribly foggy, but a little odd since a lot of Tennessee saw 90+ temperatures today. More of that is to come tomorrow, but cooler times are coming…kinda. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-A stray evening shower or storm, otherwise partly cloudy. Low 68.
  • Wednesday-Sunny and hot. Maybe an afternoon shower or storm. Highs near 90.
  • Wednesday night-Partly cloudy, a couple showers or storms are possible. Low 68.
  • Thursday-Partly cloudy with scattered showers and storms. High 88.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy with scattered storms possible. High 86.
  • Saturday-Partly to mostly sunny, a couple shower or storms. High 87.

The first part of the forecast is typical of our summers here. We’ll have a lot of sunshine, with showers and storms popping up in the mountains. Some of those will move down here, and those that don’t will spawn new storms for us occasionally, then after dark the storms die out. That’s pretty much the story through tomorrow night.

Late tomorrow night, though, a cold front will bring more clouds to us. That front will bring scattered showers and storms to our area on Thursday, but it shouldn’t be an all-day rain situation. As it looks right now, the best chances of rain will be the later we go in the day.

Scattered storms are possible Friday, since we’ll be close to the cold front that recently went through. It may be the opposite of Thursday, where rain chances drop as the day goes on. Either way, any time during the day on Friday could see rain or a thunderstorm, but not all day.

The front stalls far enough south of us to keep us in more stable air on Saturday and perhaps on Sunday. That will bring us our best chances of dry days.

Meanwhile, low pressure to our south will move into the Gulf of Mexico, and may become Tropical Storm or Hurricane Barry. Many computers show Barry forming near the Louisiana/Texas coast near the border and moving into Southwest Louisiana through Sunday. That’s well out of our range, but it could bring some rain and gusty winds early next week. I’ll definitely keep an eye on that.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast. Have a great day!

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June 25, 2019 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Summer officially began last week, but we’re going to start seeing typical Southern Appalachian weather for summer beginning this week as hotter weather arrives. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Saturday!

Thankfully, the storms yesterday didn’t amount to much by the time they got to our area. We had a couple severe thunderstorm warnings, but for the most part those storms were weakening when they arrived. High pressure keeps that from happening for the most part for the rest of this forecast.

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy, with patchy morning fog. Low 58.
  • Wednesday-Mostly sunny after fog wears off. High 87.
  • Wednesday night-Partly cloudy. Lows near 60.
  • Thursday-Mostly sunny, maybe a pop-up thunderstorm in the mountains. Highs near 90.
  • Friday-Mostly sunny with a slight chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. High 88.
  • Saturday-Mostly sunny, afternoon and evening pop-up storms are possible. High 88.

We will have cooler temperatures tonight, with high pressure almost directly over us. With that, some patchy fog is possible in the morning. Be careful driving around in that late tonight and early Wednesday.

After that, the sun comes out and clears things out for most of the day. That will give us highs in the upper 80’s during the day. Thursday has the usual summertime slight chance of rain or a thunderstorm in the afternoon, but should be mostly sunny as we approach 90 degrees.

The rest of the forecast looks the same way. Sunshine for most of Friday and Saturday, with summer showers and storms a possibility late in the afternoon through early evening. I think the better chances of storms will be near mountains, like Virginia/Kentucky and Tennessee/North Carolina border areas.

An organized chance of rain and storms might come with a cold front Sunday or Monday. But this time of year, I’ll have to watch the model runs and see if that’s a possibility. Much of the time in summer, fronts that are projected to move through either never make it, or hover around for a while.

If they never make it, our weather won’t change. But fronts that hang around here might bring more showers and storms and cooler temperatures because of the clouds. I’ll keep an eye on it. Have a great Wednesday!

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Severe Thunderstorm Watch #TriCitiesWx until 9pm 6/24/19

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I’ve been mentioning on the air on all of our stations the chance for rain and storms late this afternoon through this evening. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, tends to agree, and has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for our area until 9 tonight.

Here’s the map of the watch area, it basically includes all of the Tri-Cities, going to the Tennessee/North Carolina border and stopping east of (and including) Washington, Russell, and Buchanan Counties:

Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 9 PM Tonight from the Storm Prediction Center

According to that, the watch does not yet include anyone in Western North Carolina (except Clay/Cherokee way south of us) or Smyth/Grayson/Tazewell Counties in Southwest Virginia.

The storms are in Middle Tennessee right now:

Radar Image as of 2:04 PM 6/24/19

The polygon in that radar image is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning well to the west of us for Smith and Jackson Counties through 1:45 local time.

Those storms will continue to move east through the rest of the afternoon, and will arrive here late. The main issue with the storms will be gusty straight line winds that could gust up to 70 mph at times. Hail the size of quarters is a possibility, but a somewhat lesser threat.

And, as it is with all severe thunderstorms, the chance for tornadoes is not zero. So be sure to check the Severe Weather Safety rules page to find out what to do if any severe weather warning strikes, and determine where to go wherever you are. If you take five minutes to do this now, you won’t have to do it again as long as everything remains the same.

Yes, I know, the sun is out. That’s helping fuel the atmosphere to intensify the storms when they get here. So don’t be fooled by the sunshine. It’s helping our chances for damaging winds and hail later on.

I have a post pinned to the top of the blog that will let you know all the ways to listen to radio station where I will have updates if needed. Make sure you’ve got a radio on one of those frequencies this afternoon. Hopefully, I won’t be on the air much, but if a tornado warning is issued, I’ll jump into programming.

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Here’s How To Hear Me

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There are a lot of different ways to hear the sound of my voice either on a regular basis each day or when there is severe weather threatening. So, here’s a list of every possible way you can hear where I broadcast or tweet with about weather.

Starting with me, you can find me on Twitter @wxmc. If you have weather questions for me (along with weather reports or pictures), send them to mike at whcbradio dot org. Of course, use symbols and no spaces for at and dot. Any pictures or reports can be forwarded to the National Weather Service to help them out.

On-air severe weather coverage is limited to tornado warnings. I’ll be on the air in the studios in Blountville, starting at WHCB and then rotating to the other stations. My forecasts are on the air once an hour during normal days on the following radio stations, with tweets and other information for the stations to follow:

Everything begins (as mentioned above) in the WHCB studio. That’s 91.5 FM in the Tri-Cities area. You can hear us online through our website at WHCBRadio.org. Click the Listen Live link on the top of the page. We have Twitter and Facebook as well! Forecasts air on WHCB twice an hour most hours, Monday-Friday.

Next up, there’s The Possum. It’s a country music station, found at 96.3 FM, 100.7 FM, and 870 AM. The AM signal is good across all the Tri-Cities, and well beyond, daytime hours only. 96.3 is better east of I-81, generally, and 100.7 is best west of that, both on the air 24/7. Streaming is available at 963ThePossum.com. Twitter and Facebook will provide updates as I can get to them, as for all the social media platforms. On-air forecasts are provided once an hour, Monday-Friday and most of Saturday.

Each post on this blog will post to my Twitter, the WHCB Facebook and Twitter accounts, and The Possum’s Twitter. We’re working on getting more Facebook pages linked to the blog’s automatic posts, and for Love FM as well.

If you wonder what to do when severe weather strikes, go up above and click Severe Weather Safety Rules. You’ll find everything you need to know there. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or email if you have questions!

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June 18, 2019 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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It’s been an unsettled weather pattern over the last few days, and here’s a quick Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast that shows we won’t see much change in that for a while! Straight to the outlook we go:

  • Tonight-A few evening showers, then cloudy with patchy fog. Low 67.
  • Wednesday-Cloudy with occasional rain and storms. Highs near 80.
  • Wednesday night-Cloudy with a few showers possible. Low 67.
  • Thursday-Cloudy with rain and storms likely. Highs near 80.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy, after a few early rain showers. High 83.
  • Saturday-Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered showers and storms. High 87.

Just off to our northwest is a stationary front that is bringing us all this consternation weather wise. A cold front to the northwest of it will take over tomorrow, and get through here on Thursday. Between now and then, we’ll see storms occasionally moving through.

It appears that Friday could be a dry day, with some showers early. A warm front (the old cold front that stalled and moved northward) moves through on Saturday, which brings more chances of rain and thunderstorms.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast. Have a great Wednesday!

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