April 27, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Much unlike this day nine years ago, the weather is quiet across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. One more dry weather day is likely before some rain and thunderstorms arrive on Wednesday. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for the rest of the week!

If you follow weather, you don’t need me to tell you that today is the anniversary of the worst tornado outbreak this country has ever seen. It was actually a multi-day outbreak that started on the 25th, but the main two days of destruction were April 27 and 28, 2011. I’ve written quite a bit about that, both my story of the outbreak and a review of a book written about the outbreak and some things that happened after it. Click the links to look at those if you’re interested. The “As Big As the Sky” story is a series, as I’m apt to do once in a while. There’s a link at the bottom of each to move you to the next segment!

We’ve learned tons from those storms and how people react to them. That’s making meteorologists like me and the folks on television understand better ways to communicate dangers in severe weather situations. The main thing you can do is while we have sunny days, check out the Severe Weather Safety Rules page. Knowing much of that information and applying that to how you can stay safe will can help you when the storms return. That’s a good meteorologist’s goal, keeping those within the sound of their voice safe from bad weather.

All of that said, our current forecast includes nothing in the way of what we saw nine years ago today (or tonight). We’re dry and calm until Wednesday, when some thunderstorms are possible. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Mostly clear. Low 42.
  • Tuesday-Partly cloudy. High 73.
  • Tuesday night-Increasing clouds, with a small chance of rain toward morning. Lows near 50.
  • Wednesday-Cloudy and windy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 73.
  • Thursday- Mostly cloudy with a few rain showers. High 58.
  • Friday-Partly to mostly sunny. High 64.

Cold fronts are getting organized to our west, and while we see dry weather tonight and tomorrow, we may see some strong storms coming in on Wednesday. I’ll have another look at Wednesday’s severe potential tomorrow, but be prepared for thunderstorms of any severity to come through on Wednesday ahead of the cold front.

We’ll be left with a chilly day on Thursday with some light rain once the front passes. Honestly, Thursday looks comparative with yesterday weather wise, a cool, cloudy day with light rain or drizzle. Not a fun way to end April, for sure.

Fun things are in store after that, as sunshine should return on Friday. The extended forecast for the first weekend of May does show sunshine on Saturday, but we could see some rain moving in late Sunday. Overall, it looks like a good weather weekend as it stands right now.

That’s all for today’s forecast! I’m still in the process of figuring out how to do graphics, getting a forecast done at least once daily, and a few other projects. One of those projects includes updating the Severe Weather Safety Rules page a bit, and other stuff around the blog. Stay tuned!

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April 16, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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It’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon! As I sit in my home “office” working on the forecast, lawn mowers are going loudly in yards all around me. We can count on good lawn mowing weather for another day tomorrow before off-and-on rain showers may delay that this weekend. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Monday!

First things first, here’s the outlook, since we have calm weather for tonight and most of tomorrow:

  • Tonight-Mostly clear, frost possible by morning. Low 33.
  • Friday-Mostly sunny, a few clouds in the afternoon. High 70.
  • Friday night-Increasing clouds, rain developing late. Low 48.
  • Saturday-A few rain showers early, then partly cloudy. Highs near 60.
  • Sunday-Mostly cloudy, with some scattered showers. High 64.
  • Monday-Morning rain showers, becoming partly cloudy. High 62.

A cold front is on its way to our area, and will start to change our dry weather streak tomorrow night as clouds roll in tomorrow evening. Rain will come later on Friday night and into Saturday morning as the cold front passes. Saturday afternoon does look dry at this point, with partly to mostly cloudy conditions.

On Sunday, systems will be close enough to cause some off-and-on rain showers during the day, especially in the afternoon. It won’t rain all day, though. The rain ends Monday morning, and Monday ends with partly cloudy conditions. Highs will be in the low to mid 60’s each day from Saturday through Monday.

No severe weather is likely for our area for the entirety of the forecast, but in the South, that could be a different story on Sunday. Severe storms are possible from Texas to South Carolina, with storms more likely from extreme east Texas to far west Georgia. It doesn’t look as bad as what those folks dealt with last weekend, but any storm could cause anyone problems down there on Sunday.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast! Remember, my radio forecasts can be heard on WHCB 91.5 FM, WETB 790 AM, 97.3 Love FM (also 1090 AM, 1230 AM and 103.3 FM), and 96.3 The Possum (also on 870 AM and 100.7 FM). You can listen in for forecasts on all of our stations online as well, and most of them are listed on the right side of the page. Have a fantastic Friday!

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April 12, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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We begin this forecast with a quick weather update regarding potential severe weather in our area. We’ve had a lot of rain in our area, which generally is helpful to keep storms from becoming too intense.

The problem is, there has been quite a bit of rain, and more is on the way tonight. A big area of moderate to heavy rain is southwest of us, moving our direction. So there is a chance of some thunderstorms (that are near Crossville as of 9 PM), and then flooding tonight into tomorrow morning.

Be aware that tonight there could be some thunder, but that’s just about it for a few hours. By early morning, say 5 AM or maybe a bit sooner, more storms will approach from the west. That could be our most likely severe threat with this system. Damaging winds are possible all the way through Monday, even without thunderstorms. Camp Creek had a wind gust to 66 mph this afternoon, and that’s likely to continue for a while.

From there, things get substantially calmer. Here’s the outlook, starting with the next 8 hours or so:

  • Tonight-Rain likely with windy conditions, and strong to severe thunderstorms from time to time. Low 57.
  • Monday-Morning showers and storms, partly cloudy by afternoon. High 63.
  • Monday night-Partly cloudy. Low 38.
  • Tuesday-Partly cloudy with a small chance of rain late (better chances of rain Tuesday night). High near 60.
  • Wednesday-Mostly cloudy with some morning rain showers. High 55.
  • Thursday-Mostly sunny. High 62.
  • Friday-Increasing clouds with a small chance of rain late. High 67.

Once this cold front moves through tomorrow and all the storms go away with it, things will get cooler, to the point that the mountains might see some rain and snow mix Tuesday night. Interesting, right?

We’ll dry out late Wednesday through late Friday, with rain becoming a possibility during the latter part of Friday afternoon.

So, as far as the storms, what to do? First, have more than one way to get warnings if you’re not going to be awake before 4 AM or so. Wireless alerts on your phone are fine, along with a weather radio. Those will wake you up, but sometimes one or the other can malfunction. So it’s good to have both. And as long as you’re sleeping indoors, which most of us do, you’re not going to hear sirens. So don’t depend on them!

And as for potential flooding, make sure you get to higher ground if you know a lot of rain causes those issues where you are. That appears right now to be the big threat over the next 8 hours or so.

As it looks right now, we should be in the clear from severe storms by 10 AM, probably sooner. As always, should we have any tornado warnings, I’ll be on the air on five stations letting you know about it. Rule of thumb is, if you don’t hear me but twice an hour, that’s a good thing! And after tomorrow, it doesn’t look right now like we’ll have to worry about any more severe weather the rest of the week.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast tonight. Stay safe, everyone!

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April 7, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Springtime weather is upon us! And with that means rain and thunderstorms from time to time. My on-air forecasts mentioned the chances of those being around today and potentially strong, and there’s a chance of that tomorrow as well. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Saturday!

If you’re listening to my forecasts online, you’ll probably notice a little sound difference from time to time. That is entirely due to social distancing. While technically radio stations are allowed to have their employees come in to work during the coronavirus situation, we are still trying to keep people away from each other as much as possible. So that means my forecasts are recorded from home sometimes. A microphone plugged into a laptop has a different sound than the professionally designed studios, so keep that in mind for a while. It’s a lot like the TV folks using phone and laptop cameras from home instead of the studio equipment.

That said, since the forecasts were put together yesterday, the Storm Prediction Center took off most of our area from today’s severe weather risk. Meanwhile, they put tomorrow’s level 2 risk of 5 just to the west of our area. It does include Lee County, Virginia. So we’ll see how that turns out when storms get in our area tomorrow.

Occasional showers and storms are possible during the day tomorrow into the evening. We’ll warm up to around 77 tomorrow, with overnight lows by early Thursday around 57. As far as the storms go, damaging winds and some hail are possible during the day Wednesday and into the evening.

Here’s the rest of the forecast, in outlook format:

  • Thursday-A few showers and storms possible early, but mostly cloudy and windy in the afternoon. High 63.
  • Friday-Mostly sunny and cooler. High 54.
  • Saturday-Mostly sunny. Highs near 60.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast, have a great (and safe, in more ways than one!) Wednesday!

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February 11, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Since January 1, 2020, we have had over double the amount of rain compared to average through February 11. That’s not good, as last week’s flooding indicates. Today’s Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast brings more heavy rain into the picture..but not immediately.

In fact, we’ll get a bit of a break from rain tonight and tomorrow, with small chances of rain through mid-afternoon. By then, a new cold front will send rain toward us again, with storms possible tomorrow night into Thursday morning. The outlook follows:

  • Tonight-Clouds and fog, a small chance of rain toward morning. Low 44.
  • Wednesday-Mostly cloudy with a small chance of rain. High 58.
  • Wednesday night-Rain is likely, with possible thunderstorms. Heavy rain could cause more flooding through Thursday morning. Low 49.
  • Thursday-Morning rain tapers off into the afternoon. High 57.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy, windy and cold. Flurries possible early. High 38.
  • Saturday-Mostly sunny. High 48.

A cold front will move through Thursday morning, and before it will come our best rain chances tomorrow night. That could mean some isolated thunderstorms as well, but will likely mean more heavy rain. We’ve had some flooding issues both last week and this, and tomorrow night won’t help much of that.

When the cold front moves through here, chances of heavy rain plummet, and chances of any rain drop. As the cold air arrives Thursday night, things might end as a few flurries overnight and into Friday morning.

I’m cautiously optimistic about our chances for sunshine on Friday, so I’ll call it a partly cloudy day, with windy and cold conditions. Saturday looks dry as well, with temperatures much warmer than Friday.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast, have a great Wednesday!

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