June 2, 2015 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Rising air leads to thunderstorms many times, and that’s been the case for two days this week. Looks like we’ll be seeing the same outcome in the afternoons in spots for the rest of the week as well. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through the weekend!

Tonight-Evening showers lingering, partly cloudy overnight. Low 59. (NOTE: A Severe Thunderstorm Warning is up for southern Hawkins County tonight until 7pm, so hail and high winds are possible with storms coming in over the next few hours!)

Wednesday-Partly cloudy at least into the early afternoon, with showers and storms popping up late. High near 80.

Wednesday night-Evening rain showers then partly cloudy overnight, low near 60.

Thursday-Partly sunny with a few showers and storms possible in the afternoon and evening. High 83.

Friday-Partly cloudy with afternoon pop-up storms, high 84.

Weekend-Partly cloudy with afternoon showers and storms each day, with better chances of storms on Saturday. Highs in the low to mid 80’s.

Way up in the atmosphere, generally at and above where planes fly, low pressure is right above us. Simply put, that makes it easy for the air to rise. Once we get into the heat of the afternoon, that and lots of juicy air combine to create nice, big puffy cumulus clouds that become cumulonimbus clouds. That means thunderstorms, and we’ve had those scattered around today. A couple of them have been quite strong, with one severe thunderstorm warning early this afternoon for folks near Kingsport.

As is normally the case even with low pressure in our upper atmosphere, we’ll see the storms die off each evening for the most part. So look for rain showers to continue off and on until shortly after dark, and then those storms will die off for the night. The sky will become partly cloudy when that takes place, and we’ll have temperatures dropping to around 59 degrees overnight.

After that happens in the morning, Wednesday will look a lot like Tuesday did. It will be a partly cloudy day, with showers and storms developing in the afternoon. Most of these could be in the eastern parts of the area, with many of us potentially staying dry during the day. Look for highs around 80…maybe warmer for dry locations. Rain will continue through the evening until dark, with partly cloudy conditions overnight once again, with lows near 60.

This is most definitely a summertime weather pattern, with about 10 degrees difference in high temperatures. Give it a month or so, and we’ll be talking about this weather with temperatures close to 90. As it is, most of us will stay in the low 80’s on Thursday as the same thing plays out. Partly cloudy early in the day, with storms in the afternoon. Highs will be near 83 on Thursday, and with a similar forecast on Friday, we’ll bump up to 84.

As for the weekend, the best chance of rain will be scattered storms on Saturday as we warm up to around 83. I think most of us get dry weather on Sunday, with a couple pop-up storms, and highs around 85.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast, have a great Wednesday!

February 16, 2015 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

It’s been a very interesting day watching all sorts of frozen precipitation around the area. Along and south of Interstate 26, there was quite a bit of sleet and even some freezing rain in spots, while north of that it’s been mainly snow. More snow is on the way for all of us through tonight, with a little bit to add on through Thursday. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Friday!

Tonight, it appears that we will have all snow for the majority of the night, and a Winter Storm Warning is still up for all of us until 7am tomorrow. Lows will drop by then to around 22. The big deal is accumulations. South of I-26, There shouldn’t be more than 2-4 inches through tomorrow. That’s going to include Johnson City and points south and west. North of that, for Kingsport and Bristol and surrounding areas in northeast Tennessee, 4-7 inches of snow are likely tonight. Southwest Virginia has seen all snow all day, and that will continue tonight, resulting in at least 8 inches for lots of folks, with a foot of snow possible in the mountains through tomorrow.

The snow will taper off in the morning, and should be gone later in the afternoon. It’ll be difficult getting around, because the air will still be cold. Look for a cloudy afternoon, with highs around 28. Tomorrow night will be cloudy with some flurries, and lows around 18.

A cold front will come from the west on Wednesday, providing us with more clouds and a few snow showers. At most, an inch of snow added to what we have is possible. We’ll warm up to around 26 degrees. That front will bring bitter cold air to the area Wednesday night, with lows dropping below zero, to -2 degrees.

That will lead to the coldest day I can remember. Thursday will have clouds and maybe a few light snow showers. Highs will only get up to 11 degrees, with higher elevations not hitting double digits. With that, mid-80’s type temperatures are possible on Thursday night into Friday morning, as an Arctic high brings temperatures down to -10. I don’t remember forecasting a temperature that low, so it’s clearly the lowest we’ve seen in at least six or seven years.

Friday may feature a few snow flurries as well, but it will be a partly cloudy day and quite cold. Look for highs around 24. It looks right now like we might get back above the freezing mark on Saturday, and we may even hit 40 on Sunday. I’ll have more details on that sometime tomorrow.

Keep following me and the stations on Twitter in the coming hours for any updates on snowfall and any closings that happen. I’ll re-tweet as many reports as I can throughout the snow and cold that’s on the way. Stay home tonight if you’re already there, and stay warm tonight!

February 15, 2015 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

It was a beautiful but cold Sunday, but all that is about to change, except for the cold part. Lots of snow is in the forecast for Monday through early Tuesday morning, which is the focus of most of this particular forecast for this week.

As of 5pm, low pressure was near the Texas panhandle, and that’s going to be moving east in the coming hours. In fact, that low should be close to Mississippi by noon tomorrow, near Birmingham by tomorrow evening, then up the east coast by Tuesday morning. That will be close enough to bring us lots of snow, a bigger event than we’ve seen this winter so far. Because of that, Winter Storm Warnings are up for all of us from 7am tomorrow morning through 7am Tuesday morning for accumulating snow, with a chance of sleet mixed in from time to time.

Look for clouds to increase tonight, with snow and sleet possible b y early morning. We’ll have lows in the morning around 15 degrees.

Snow showers will continue lightly through Monday morning, but by early afternoon the heavier snow will arrive. Be prepared to get home during lunch if need be tomorrow, as by 2pm you may be stuck where you are for a while. The heaviest snow will happen from 2pm tomorrow through early Tuesday morning before it tapers off. Highs Monday might get up to around 28 if we’re lucky.

Scattered snow showers could mix with sleet at times tomorrow night, which might make travel even more difficult. Lows will drop to around 23 degrees. By the time we get to Tuesday morning, we could see up to 5-7 inches of snow in the Tri-Cities, with upwards of a foot possible in the mountains. Needless to say, a lot of people will be stuck where they are for a little while during this storm.

Tuesday will be a cloudy day with a few scattered morning snow showers that might add an inch or two to our total, depending on elevation. We won’t see the freezing mark for sure, with highs maybe touching 30 briefly during the day.

By Wednesday, we should be left with just snow flurries falling, with a lot of snow on the ground. It will be windy and cold, with highs only around 22. Overnight lows may well drop to 0 degrees, below that in spots.

Thursday will start out very cold, and won’t warm up much. It’ll be partly cloudy, so the sun will be out a bit, but it won’t help us. Highs will only get up to near 12 degrees. Friday will start out with morning lows below zero (even in the Tri-Cities), but will feature partly cloudy conditions and a few snow flurries possible at times. Highs will get up to near 24.

There’s a chance this snow might cause power outages, so make sure to charge anything that can be charged tonight. Whatever you have that can keep your home warm in the event of power outages, make sure those are ready to go as well. Bring pets indoors if you can, and make sure there’s enough food and water in the house as well, or wherever you happen to be located. This is not a blizzard situation, but at its worst on Monday, snow will be quite heavy at times, and if that accumulates on trees and power lines, they could snap and knock out power for a while. Blankets are a good thing to have handy, as well as extra medicine if you can get it early tomorrow. Hopefully the power stays on and we won’t need any of this, but it never hurts to be prepared!

Be sure to stay indoors once the heavy snow starts, as it might be easy to get disoriented in a white wonderland of heavy snow. Try to conserve power as much as you can, especially later this week when temperatures get very cold. That way blackouts won’t be an issue then, either.

I have made preparations to cover most of this storm from home, but I will be able to get updates on the air as long as there is power both at my home and at the stations. Updates will come at least every few hours as long as that is a possibility. Stay tuned to WPWT 870 AM and 100.7 FM, WHCB 91.5 FM, and WHGG 1090 AM and 100.3 FM tomorrow and tomorrow night for all the latest on the storms. We will begin school closings with Cody early tomorrow morning as well. I will also post updates on Facebook and Twitter throughout the storm as well, so stay tuned, and stay warm!

Sunday morning Forecast update 2/15/15

First of all, I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

That said, we have a very cold day in progress right now. Morning lows were in the single digits for most of us, and a lot of folks are still there in Southwest Virginia and the mountains. Most folks from Abingdon down into Tennessee are at least in the teens just before noon.

The cold weather is what will cause snow to fall–and a lot of it–tomorrow. Low pressure in Texas is going to move east in the coming hours, bringing in a lot of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and dropping a lot of precipitation in the process. Some of the data coming in shows accumulations around 8-10 inches here in the Tri-Cities, but that’s a bit much. I do think that will happen in parts of southwest Virginia, southeast Kentucky, and the higher elevations near the Tennessee border with North Carolina, with a very few folks getting a foot of snow, and the highest peaks maybe 14-15 inches.

But for the vast majority of us, it appears right now that 6-8 inches of snow is likely on Monday through early Tuesday. There will be more light snow possible Tuesday and Wednesday, but the bulk of it is going to happen on Monday.

Because of that, the National Weather Service offices that serve our area have issued winter storm warnings for pretty much all of us. Those start at 1am tonight, through 7am Tuesday morning. Those 30 hours will see the majority of the snowfall.

This event will start during the day tomorrow, so make arrangements to be home by early afternoon if at all possible. Today is a good day to head out to grocery stores and the like to pick up some things you may need to stay at home for a day or so. I have a feeling that there will be enough snow falling by 2pm that travel will be very difficult. For sure, being home or wherever you want to be for an overnight stay needs to happen by 2pm at the very latest Monday morning.

In fact, that is my plan for tomorrow myself. My last goal is to record one more in-studio forecast update on the way out the door early tomorrow afternoon. I have a plethora of information gathering and audio recording options at my disposal, so as long as the stations are on the air, I’ll have updates going throughout this thing on the air even after I arrive at home.

Be sure to follow along on WHCB 91.5 FM, WPWT 870am and 100.7 FM, and WHGG 1090 AM and 100.3 FM throughout. Links to online streams to the stations are available on the right side of the blog. As long as there’s power and internet, those streams will go on, regardless of what happens at transmitter sites! As always, if you have questions, shoot them at me on Twitter @wxmc or use the Contact link above, or simply comment here!

Barring a shift in the track of this storm, this will be the biggest snowfall this season for most of us. That said, make preparations now for whatever might happen. Make sure to charge all your electronic devices, phones, tablets and the like tonight. Have warm blankets at the ready in case of power outages. Make sure you have enough food and drinks to cover if you have to be stuck at home tomorrow night through Wednesday morning. If you’re ready for anything, you won’t be surprised when it happens!

After the storm, there will be a vast amount of  snow on the ground across a lot of the country. So once the snowfall ends, temperatures will drop even lower than we’ve seen this morning. Air temperatures below zero for lows later this week are not out of the question, thanks to winds blowing over cold, snow covered ground.

I’ll have more details about all of that in my forecast later this afternoon, with adjustments to the snow forecast if need be, and while the snow is falling I’ll post updates here, on social media, and on the air and streams as necessary. All the info you need to know to get to all of those outlets is available on the right side of the blog. Be prepared, and stay warm over the next week or so!

July 28 Storms: Funfest Alert

Just a quick word to let everyone know that if you’re at FunFest in Kingsport, take cover now. The severe thunderstorm that just went through Bristol is headed straight for town again with lightning, strong gusty winds and heavy rain. Should be there before 6pm. If you happen to know anyone who is there, please text or call them to make them aware that storms are coming.

Folks there should get to a solid building that has walls on both sides. Tents and picnic shelters won’t help with this type of storm!

Also, if you’re trying to get from Johnson City to Bristol, or vice versa, the Johnson City Police Department reported on Twitter a few minutes ago that Bristol Highway is closed at Piney Flats in both directions. You’ll need to find alternate routes, or possibly postpone the trip for a while.

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are up for Sullivan County and small slivers of Scott and Washington Counties in Virginia, as well as another one for Russell and Wise Counties.

There are more storms out there that don’t have warnings as of right now, so make sure you get indoors if you hear thunder. Many of the storms today have lots and lots of lightning, pretty much like they did this time yesterday.