December 2, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Updated forecasts to the weather blog resume during the month of my birthday! It’s still a few weeks out, but I’m absolutely ready for it. Meanwhile, I will endeavor to post more forecasts here each week than I have during a rather tumultuous 2021. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast today!

Typically, this weather blog works two ways. I give a preview of the forecast in the first paragraph, a little more detail of what to expect in the second one, then there’s the Outlook. If you don’t have time to read a few hundred word blog, you can get a quick forecast in the outlook each day, a bulleted list of the quick forecast for the coming days. And here it is!

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy, with some fog in the morning. Lows near 40.
  • Friday-Partly to mostly sunny, and warm. High 68.
  • Friday night-Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 42.
  • Saturday-Partly cloudy conditions with highs near 60.
  • Sunday-Partly cloudy skies also, with a high of 62.
  • Monday-Mostly cloudy with rain showers. High 53.

From here on, the weather blog features on the discussion…some more detail on why the weather is doing what it’s doing over the next four or five days. In this instance, we have a cold front moving through tomorrow, with a warm front shortly thereafter. We’ll have a net gain of a few degrees after that, leading to a quite warm day on Friday. That high of 68 is a full fifteen degrees above our average for early December.

We’ll have assorted amounts of clouds for Friday night through the weekend, but we should get a decent amount of sunshine as highs get up to the low 60s on Saturday and Sunday. Late Sunday night, a cold front moves in, and that will bring our best chance of the rain in the forecast through the day on Monday.

Please visit the About page for more about me, my background and meteorological credentials, and the stations where I broadcast. The list is up to five these days: WHCB 91.5 FM (and 103.3 FM in Southwest Virginia), 96.3 The Possum (which is also 870 AM all around and 100.7 FM near Kingsport), 97.3 Love FM (includes 1090 AM in the Tri-Cities and 100.3 FM, also near Kingsport), Truth 104.1 is also WABN and can be located at 1230 AM in southwest Virginia as well. Finally, there’s GOAT FM, our newest station at 790 AM in the Tri-Cities and a much better, cleaner signal at 93.7 FM.

That’s a whole boatload of different places my forecast can be heard at least once an hour! Should there not be a blog here for some reason, I do record a fresh forecast every day on each of those stations above.

Also, I’m lending my voice to broadcasting my alma mater’s high school sports, the Sullivan East Patriots! We were just in Bluff City the other day, as Jacob Harr and I broadcast a thriller between the Daniel Boone and East boys teams, and a big win for the girls from Bluff City also. We have 14 more games we’re planning to broadcast through February, and they’re all on 96.3 FM, with announcements each day on when the next game airs!

Whew. That’s a lot going on! And that’s what’s led to my recent absence from here. But let’s use December as a fresh start, and I’ll be back with a new forecast soon. Have a great Friday!

September 3, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

The week started with lots of rain, then we’ve changed into cooler weather and sunshine! We’re going to flip that script this weekend, as we start dry and bring rain in on Sunday. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for this weekend!

Let’s start out the forecast with the outlook for the next few days:

  • Tonight-Mostly clear. Low 58.
  • Saturday-Mostly sunny. High 84.
  • Saturday night-Partly cloudy, low 62.
  • Sunday-Partly cloudy with scattered showers and storms possible. High 83.
  • Monday-A small chance of rain early, then becoming partly cloudy. High 82.

High pressure is located to our northeast, and that’s bringing us such fantastic weather after the low pressure from the hurricane went through earlier this week. So the weekend will start off with a nice Saturday and highs in the mid 80s.

The second day of the weekend will feature clouds on the increase, and a chance of rain and thunderstorms. That’s because of a cold front that will move through during the day. Rain chances continue Sunday night as well, and even into Monday morning for a while. Things will start clearing out once again on Monday afternoon.

There’s the forecast! It looks good for high school football tonight, as I’ll be broadcasting Sullivan East vs. Grainger from Bluff City! Our coverage starts tonight at 6:15, with the pre-game show one hour later, and kickoff at 7:30. Hope you can join us on 96.3 The Possum or online at Have a great weekend…Go Patriots!

September 1, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Thankfully, the worst is over when it comes to any rainfall from what’s left of Ida or the cold front. We’re going to get a few days of dry weather, which is a good thing for a lot of people around here. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through the weekend!

There are still issues with mudslides in Southwest Virginia near the town of Hurley. That’s way up there between Kentucky and West Virginia. Last I checked, there were evacuations in order in spots up there due to those issues. Thankfully, there shouldn’t be too much more rain to exacerbate those issues. Here’s the outlook through Sunday:

  • Tonight-Cloudy with a few scattered showers. Fog is possible in the morning. Low 58.
  • Thursday-Partly to mostly sunny. Highs near 80.
  • Thursday night-Mostly clear and cooler, low 52.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy, with highs near 80.
  • Saturday-Partly cloudy with a small chance of rain in the afternoon. High 83.
  • Sunday-Partly cloudy, a few showers and thunderstorms possible in the afternoon. High 82.

Some scattered showers are still around the area late this afternoon. Those should be going away as the cold front and the low pressure that was Hurricane Ida move away from us. Be aware that some fog is possible in the morning as our temperatures drop into the upper 50s.

We should see highs near 80 the next couple days, with partly to mostly sunny conditions Thursday and Friday. Thursday night will feature the coolest air we’ve had in a while, as overnight lows drop into the lower 50s for Friday morning.

The weekend looks mostly dry, but I can’t rule out a small chance of rain on Saturday and a few scattered showers and storms on Sunday. We should have afternoon highs in the low 80s, with lows each morning close to or maybe a bit above 60.

So, thankfully, it’s a calm forecast for most of the way. Thanks for checking here for the forecast. Have a great Thursday!

August 30, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

It’s been rough weather-wise for a lot of people across the Gulf Coast the past few days because of Hurricane Ida. It may take a while before we know all the awful stories from down there. Meanwhile, what’s left of Ida will be headed our way the next couple days, bringing heavy rain and gusty winds with storms that arrive starting tomorrow.

Here’s the outlook for the next few days before the discussion:

  • Tonight-Mostly cloudy. A couple showers this evening. Low 68.
  • Tuesday-Flash Flood Watch from 8 AM to Wednesday afternoon. Cloudy and windy with scattered showers and storms. Heavy rain is possible at times. Highs near 80.
  • Tuesday night-Rain and thunderstorms, with windy conditions. Low 68.
  • Wednesday-Rain and thunderstorms are likely, heavy rain still possible. Windy, with a high of 75.
  • Thursday-A small chance of rain, then becoming mostly sunny. High 78.

Ida is now officially a Tropical Depression, with sustained winds a fraction of what they once were. That said, occasional gusts are what could cause problems anywhere from Mississippi (where the center of the storm is now), to northwest Alabama into Tennessee through tomorrow. Ida will be closest to us early Wednesday morning, on its way to West Virginia by Wednesday afternoon, and off the New Jersey coast or thereabouts by the end of Thursday.

This storm is going to continue bringing a lot of rain. For that reason, the Flash Flood Watch I mentioned in the outlook is up for all of us starting at 8 tomorrow morning. It continues until 2 PM Wednesday if it’s not extended. Here in the Tri-Cities, 1-2, maybe three inches of rain are possible. We will be a bit east of the track, which is good news. Those closer might get rainfall close to 5 inches before it’s all over. Flooding is definitely possible.

This is the remnant of a tropical system, so wind will be gusty as well. I’m not implying that we’ll see hurricane (74mph) or even Tropical Storm (39mph) force winds for a sustained period with this. But inside individual storms, gusts could easily get over 40 and maybe close to 70 for short periods of time. I’ll be watching all the storms as they roll in during the next two days just in case something intense happens.

As for tornadoes, they cannot be ruled out with this storm. Hurricanes spawn tornadoes quite often, but they’re not typically the huge monster tornadoes. I’ve seen a few EF3 storms with landfalling tropical systems, but usually there’s not enough in a hurricane’s environment to keep tornadoes strong and on the ground for long. That said, spin-up tornadoes are possible, and even those could do some damage. As mentioned above, I’ll be around between tomorrow and Wednesday and keep track of what happens.

Thankfully, this is a two-day event. By the time we hit Thursday, we’ll be done with it and we’ll have more comfortable temperatures! While we might not see the mid 80s again through Thursday, it is highly likely that with the storm nearby, we won’t warm up past 80 through Thursday, especially after tomorrow. So we get a break from the heat for a while, at least!

Thanks for checking here for the forecast! Stay tuned, and I’ll update things as I can in the coming days. Have a great Tuesday!

August 27, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

The sunny and hot weather will continue for the next few days, but a change is possible as we get into next week. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for this weekend!

A dome of high pressure is locked in over us, and generally when that happens, a tropical storm is the only thing that will change the situation. That may well happen, as Tropical Storm Ida heads for landfall along the Gulf Coast as a hurricane early next week. It’ll be a day or two after that before storms from it will get here after that, though. Here’s the outlook to fill the time before that:

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy, after a couple evening storms depart. Low 68.
  • Saturday-Mostly sunny. Pop-up showers and storms are possible in the afternoon. High 92.
  • Sunday-Sunny and hot, a small chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. High 93.
  • Monday-Mostly sunny, with a small chance of rain or a thunderstorm. High 92.

The blocking pattern we have going on will keep fronts from coming in, so sunny and hot weather with stray showers and storms in the afternoon being our forecast with low 90s for temperatures through Monday.

What will be Hurricane Ida likely makes landfall along the Gulf Coast Monday morning. It could be a category 2 or 3 storm, which would not be good for anyone where the storm hits. That system pushes the high pressure out of the way, bringing a good chance of rain and thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday at least.

Those storms will not bring as much intensity as the Gulf Coast will see, because hurricanes typically lose the intensity over land that they typically gain over the hot water in the Gulf of Mexico. So, more likely what will see is rain and storms moving into the area, perhaps Tuesday and Wednesday at this point. Individual storms might bring damaging wind gusts, but most likely nothing like the sustained winds in triple digits that the hurricane normally brings to the coast.

One thing that the storm will do is provide us with a good supply of cloud cover. So as we get to the middle of next week, the start of September might have cooler temperatures because of the clouds and rain. There’s a lot of time before all of this, so make sure to check for my forecast on Sunday afternoon for more details.

Meanwhile, we’ll be at the Appalachian Fair with two booths representing all of our stations in commercial building number 1! It’s the one at the top of the hill, and it’s got air conditioning! So take a break from the heat outdoors and say hello to us! We’ll be there through 8 PM Friday and Saturday afternoon until 8 in the evening as well. Have a great weekend!