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February 23, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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As of almost 4 PM, we’re close to yet another record high! The record is 79 degrees, and we’re at 78 late this afternoon. Record heat comes to an end and rain moves in during today’s Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast.

There were a few rain showers as close to us as southeast Kentucky, but we’ve been dry for the most part outside today. Rain chances go up late tomorrow afternoon, though, and continue through much of the weekend. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy. Low 54.
  • Saturday-Increasing clouds, with afternoon showers and storms developing. High 74.
  • Saturday night-Cloudy with a few rain showers. Low 55.
  • Sunday-Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and storms. High 68.
  • Monday-Partly to mostly cloudy with a few rain showers. High 63.
  • Tuesday-Partly to mostly sunny. High 65.

We’ve had high pressure blocking a cold front that’s tried to get here for a couple days now. A warm front has gone through, which is the reason for all of our recent warm weather and record temperatures.

Eventually, a strong enough cold front will break through the blocking system and move into our area. That should happen late Saturday, and it will increase our chances of showers and possible thunderstorms as early as Saturday afternoon.

We’ll get a break Saturday night for a brief time before the front itself arrives on Sunday. We should have quite a lot of rain and possible thunderstorms on Sunday, and some of that might continue into early Monday as well. By the end of Monday, dry weather should be back, with a mainly sunny day coming up on Tuesday.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast, have a great weekend!

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February 22, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Two records were broken yesterday, and the rain has stayed away for today as well. A couple rain showers are possible tonight, but the next organized rain won’t happen until this weekend. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Monday!

Yesterday, we broke two high temperature records. The record high was 82, beating the previous record from 1997, and beating the warmest February day by two degrees as well. So, since 1937 when records have been kept, it was the warmest February day on record. Also, a third record was broken as we had the warmest low temperature on record for February 21, at 60 degrees. That one was smashed, as the previous warmest low temperature for the date was 50 degrees, set just a few years ago.

All that said, our warm weather trend continues, as we’ll be 20 or more degrees above average through the weekend. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Variable clouds, a small chance of rain. Low 55.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy and warm, high near 80.
  • Friday night-Partly cloudy, low 54.
  • Saturday-Increasing clouds, scattered showers and storms late. High 74.
  • Sunday-Mostly cloudy, with rain likely and possible thunderstorms. Highs near 70.
  • Monday-Partly cloudy and cooler. Highs near 60.

There’s a lot to unpack here, including considering that Nashville is just approaching 60 degrees at 3 PM central time. Over here at the same time but in the Eastern time zone at 4 PM, it’s in the upper 70’s in the Tri-Cities, with the 80 number breached once again earlier this afternoon. A stationary front is between us, and it sent rain our way earlier. That rain fizzled out on the way, though, soon after it hit I-75.

A couple rain showers are still to our west, and they might get here and dampen things a bit tonight. Aside from that, most of us should be dry into Saturday. Tomorrow’s high of 80, should we hit that, will beat the record of 79 degrees set in 1996.

A cold front develops and then brings us rain on Saturday, but mainly late in the day. Thunderstorms are possible ahead of the front. Said front will move through on Sunday, bringing better chances of daytime rainfall, with thunderstorms a possibility as well. We’ll cool down a bit, but temperatures will still be above average throughout the forecast.

Behind the cold front, expect cooler temperatures to some degree. We’ll go from nearly 20 degrees above average to 8-10 degrees above average for Monday, with highs closing in on 60.

Be sure to tune in for WHCB’s Sharathon tomorrow! We’ve been on for a couple days (explaining my absence from the blog recently), and tomorrow is the final day. Tune in to 91.5 FM here in the Tri-Cities, or go to and listen or give there. Please help us keep the ministry going through tomorrow evening!

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February 18, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Week Ahead Outlook

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Warm weather is coming! We’ll get a little rain early and then late this week, but warmer weather than average all week long! Here’s a quick outlook-only Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for this week!

I’ll have more details on the weather in the coming days, but I wanted to at least get a short one going as we finish off Sunday. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Cloudy with scattered showers developing. Low 45.
  • Monday-Some morning showers, otherwise mostly cloudy. Highs near 70.
  • Monday night-Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 48.
  • Tuesday-Sunny and warm. High 75.
  • Wednesday-Partly to mostly cloudy with afternoon showers and storms. High 74.
  • Thursday-Cloudy skies with rain likely. High 68.
  • Friday-Partly to mostly cloudy with a small chance of rain. Highs near 70.

We’ll spend the majority of the week 15-20 degrees above our mid-February averages, with record highs possible on Tuesday. That record is 75 degrees from 2014, so it’s a good chance!

I’ll have more on the forecast ready to go as I can in the next few days. Have a great week!

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February 16, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Rain has returned to our area after a warm morning! We have more rain on the way tomorrow, and possible record breaking temperatures next week. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through the weekend!

We tied a record high yesterday, and there’s evidence to indicate that we might break a record or two next week. As rain falls and temperatures drop this afternoon behind the cold front, here’s the outlook through Tuesday:

  • Tonight-Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Low 38.
  • Saturday-Rain likely. High 47.
  • Saturday night-Cloudy with some rain showers. Low 35.
  • Sunday-Partly cloudy. High 61.
  • Monday-Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 68.
  • Tuesday-Partly cloudy and warm. High 72.

A cold front is on its way through the area right now, causing the rain and the drop from the low 70’s this morning to the 50’s now. We’ll continue to see temperatures drop as rain stays around tonight, but most of us should stay above freezing and keep all this as rain.

Tomorrow looks like another rainy day with low pressure nearby, but the rain starts moving out tomorrow night. That will lead to a dry day on Sunday as we touch just above 60 one more time.

Another storm system moves through Monday, bringing more rain, but warmer temperatures arrive as well. The kicker right now is Tuesday. Computer models are printing nearly 80 degrees that afternoon, and I’m not buying that. Regardless, it’ll be a partly cloudy and warm day, and I do think we’ll jump up above 70 once again on Tuesday.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast, I’ll bring one for next week late Sunday. Have a great weekend!

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February 12, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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The rain has subsided for the most part, but there’s a lot more on the way later this week, with temperatures above average for this time of year. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Friday!

Before we start, if you want to know more about how to spot and report severe weather in our area, there are classes for that! Each National Weather Service Forecast Office holds spotter training classes every year to help people understand what in the sky they’re seeing so they can report that back to the office. There are two coming up in March, one in Greene County and one out here near the airport, over at Northeast State. Check out the full list of classes here and then get to one!

There was only a little rain this morning, and really only small chances of it tonight and tomorrow morning, then tomorrow night. After that, though, heavier rain is likely starting Wednesday. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Mostly cloudy with some light rain in the mountains. Low 37.
  • Tuesday-Mostly cloudy, a small chance of rain early. High 54.
  • Wednesday-Mostly cloudy, rain developing during the day. High 62.
  • Thursday-Cloudy and warm with scattered showers. High 65.
  • Friday-Rain likely. High 59.

The complicated forecast from yesterday indeed becomes a little clearer, but temperatures are a different story. Regardless, we’ll be warmer than average by at least five degrees the rest of the week, and potentially as much as 15-20 at times.

We only received 0.05 inches of new rain today at the airport, which generally indicates good news. We don’t need much more rain right now. I think anything we see tonight and into tomorrow morning should be light as well.

The better chances of heavy rain start on Wednesday, and will hang around off and on until Friday. It looks like higher amounts of rain may be possible late this week, so if you’re around anything that flooded this weekend, it might be wise to watch that toward the latter half of the week.

I’ll have another update tomorrow, so look for it late in the afternoon. Have a great Tuesday!

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