About the Tri-Cities Weather Blog

Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog! I’m Mike Cox, meteorologist at WHCB 91.5 FM and WPWT 870am and 100.7FM. I have been forecasting the weather at these two stations for four years. In 2006, I finished the Mississippi State University online Broadcast Meteorology Program, and I am a certified broadcast meteorologist through MSU.

You can contact me by phone at 423-878-6279, or by email: mike at whcbradio dot org (adding symbols and the dot where appropriate, of course!). Also, I frequently tweet weather and sports info @wxmc on Twitter. That is a good place to get a message to me as well.  I can do weather talks for classrooms as well as varying events where weather is important or where people want to learn more about it!

This weather blog covers northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia areas.  The coverage area basically includes the northeastern part of the National Weather Service Morristown office’s county warning area, from Hancock, Hawkins and Greene Counties in Tennessee to the north and east into Southwest Virginia. Occasionally I will also talk about part of southeast Kentucky and a couple more in northwest North Carolina as well, as well as weather outside the area from time to time.

During severe weather situations, I will tweet in three places as soon as I know where or when a threat may be coming. The Twitter accounts to watch are @wxmc @topgunradio and @whcbradio. If there are severe thunderstorm or tornado watches, they will be noted on twitter, facebook (WPWT and WHCB), and during my on-air forecasts if possible. Any Severe Thunderstorm Warnings will be posted as soon as I can get them on all forms of social media, here on the blog, and if folks are on the air, they will announce those.

When Tornado Warnings are issued for our area, I will be on the air until the warnings are finished for our area. If at any point a tornado has been confirmed in any of our listening area, I will go on the air and stay there (with short breaks to change stations as needed) until the threat is over. My goal is to try to keep people as safe as possible during severe weather events and I will do all I can to do so.

As far as any other watches or warnings are concerned, such as flood warnings or frost and freeze warnings, high wind warnings or the like, those will be mentioned mainly on social media (see above…Facebook or Twitter) as they come from the National Weather Service, and anyone live on the air at the station will be notified of those items for possible broadcast as well. I will go on-air if situations warrant for these type of warnings.

It is my goal to help keep people safe from harmful weather, and also help people learn about weather. On WHCB 91.5 FM, we have a program called Bible Buddies. It’s on the air from 3-5pm each weekday. Inside that program I sometimes do a Weather Word of the Day with Mister Matthew. As soon as I can after I do those, I will post them here in the Kids section. Also as I get them, I will drop any other weather education info for kids there as well.

Otherwise, the categories you see at the top of the screen will be updated as situations warrant. Click them to see the latest weather Updates, Warnings, or other events that I’ve experienced involving weather.

Thanks for visiting the Tri-Cities Weather Blog! Feel free to leave comments and questions on the blog or in the form below, and I’ll answer them!

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