January 2, 2022 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Happy New Year! I hope yours is a wonderful 2022. Our weather was interesting last night while watching storms, now it gets even more interesting with snow on the way! Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for this week!

A strong cold front moved through last night, and was the source of all the rain we had. The big news is the moisture wrapping around the low pressure tonight that will dump a good amount of snow on us. I think the ground is too warm for large accumulations, so it’s going to snow a lot for the amounts that are predicted. Here is the forecast through Friday, with snow predictions therein:

  • Tonight-Scattered rain showers, changing to heavy snow at times. Low 28.
    • 1-3″ of snow likely in the Tri-Cities through Monday morning.
    • 4-7 inches of snow likely in the mountains, with isolated spots of 8″ or more.
    • Winter Storm Warning is up for all of our area until 10 AM Monday.
  • Monday-A few snow showers early in the day, becoming sunny by the end of it. High 37.
  • Monday night-Mostly clear and cold conditions by morning. Low 15.
  • Tuesday-Partly cloudy. High 44.
  • Wednesday-Increasing clouds, high 48.
  • Thursday-Mostly cloudy. A few rain or snow showers during the day. High 44 (but dropping in the afternoon).
  • Friday-Partly cloudy and cold, a few snow showers possible. High 32.

Low pressure associated with the cold front that just went through is close enough to bring snow showers in from the north starting tonight. Expect the snow to get started near or shortly after midnight tonight. With temperatures as warm as they have been, it’ll take a bit for the ground to start to take snow without it melting.

However, there will be enough snow to overcome the warm ground temperatures. So what would be in February maybe 6-7 inches of snow will likely be much less than that today. I’ll give the Tri-Cities 1-3″ of snow in the forecast, although folks in Johnson City could see a tick more than that. Folks in the higher elevations will likely see 4 or more inches of snow, with a few spots maybe seeing 8 inches of snow by the time things wind up tomorrow.

After that, things clear out tomorrow afternoon. We’ll have calm weather through Wednesday at that point, with temperatures warming up to around average. Another cold front moves through Thursday and/or Friday, bringing a reinforcement of cold air late in the week.

If you enjoy the snow, I hope you get out in it tomorrow for a little while. There could be travel issues in the morning, so be aware of that going to work and, of course, the school closings that are possible in situations like this. Have a great week!