June 9, 2021 #TriCitiesWx forecast

The forecast has been kind of like a broken record here lately. And a lot like summer, but with better chances of rain than normal for summer. The pattern will break, but it’s going to take a few days. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Saturday!

Scattered showers and storms are moving through the area, and that’s a story that will repeat itself in the coming days into the weekend. It just won’t repeat itself with the same rain in the same places, of course. Just be prepared for the rain to happen each day, whether it did the previous day or not. Here’s the outlook for the next few days:

  • Tonight-Mostly cloudy, some scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Low 67.
  • Thursday-Mostly cloudy, afternoon showers and thunderstorms developing. High 83.
  • Thursday night-Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Low 68.
  • Friday-Cloudy, showers and thunderstorms likely. Highs near 80.
  • Saturday-Partly cloudy with some scattered showers and storms. High 84.

Severe weather is not expected with any of the storms in the coming days, but gusty winds and heavy rain are possible at times, pretty much any time through Saturday. The best chances of the rain and storms are in the afternoon and evening, though.

That’s it from here for tonight. Please keep an eye out for storms in the coming days, as anything with thunder has lightning as well. Get indoors for a while until the storms pass. Have a great Thursday!

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