April 5, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Another week off has come and gone, and we’ve gone from chilly weather this weekend to sunshine and warmth for most of this week. Even the rain and thunderstorm chances late this week are better than snow! Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Friday!

I was out in Oklahoma last week, visiting some friends and working on a few things. Some of that will turn into a blog post, because I was able to visit the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum, where the bombing of the federal building in that town happened in 1995. I was a teenager at the time, so that event left a mark in my mind. I’m glad I was able to go, to pay respects in some ways and learn some things about that event. It is quite intense at times, so if you get to go out there, keep that in mind. I do highly recommend it. I took many pictures, and those will be posted here on the blog along with a story about the trip that will hopefully be posted by the 26th anniversary of that event in two weeks’ time.

That said, I came home Thursday night to freezing temperatures and snow. As I’ve said many times here, it never gets too cold or too hot for too long in our area, and days like today prove it. We’re in the low 70s late this afternoon as I write this blog, and a string of days that will end up with a 7 in front are on the way. Here’s the outlook for the rest of the week:

  • Tonight-Mostly clear. Low 43.
  • Tuesday-Mostly sunny. High 75.
  • Tuesday night-Partly cloudy. Low 45.
  • Wednesday-Partly to mostly sunny. High 77.
  • Thursday-Increasing clouds, with a chance of scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. High 74.
  • Friday-Mostly cloudy with some scattered showers and storms possible. High 72.

While we sit underneath high pressure with our beautiful weather through midweek, a storm system is gathering itself off to our west in the Plains, a place I was in not long ago. A few clouds should start streaming in here as soon as Wednesday afternoon, but it looks right now like rain chances will hold off until at least Wednesday night.

Thursday morning features a small chance of rain showers, but the big event will be scattered showers and storms starting in the afternoon. As it is right now, I’m seeing enough energy to start storms, but not as much to make them severe. That’s not a guarantee, though. I’ll keep an eye on things as we get closer.

Friday should have a chance of scattered showers and storms as well, and an early look at Saturday includes the same thing. Hopefully we can get through the weekend without too much rain, but we’ll have to see how it goes.

For those of you interested in such things, The Masters gets underway this week in Augusta, Georgia. As it stands right now, they may be dodging raindrops for much of the weekend. Scattered showers and storms are possible starting Thursday and going all the way through the weekend. Good news is, if storms stay scattered there’s still a good chance of getting everything in. Weather delays look likely, though…lightning is nothing to mess with, and I’m sure the Augusta National folks are prepared for all of that…could be a Monday finish this year.

I’ll keep an eye on the weather for Thursday and Friday up here, and update as we go along this week. Have a great Tuesday!

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