January 12, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

The sun came out a bit this afternoon, which was nice…except if you were driving westward at about 5:15 PM, then things got a bit difficult! We’ll see a good supply of sunshine in the next two days, then clouds return with snow and rain for Friday. Welcome to this edition of the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast!

Freezing fog may be a thing late tonight, and all that means is that we’ll have foggy conditions below freezing. Sometimes when there’s fog there’s a mist as well, so it could make driving temporarily interesting in the morning before things warm up. After that, our weather looks fine until Friday. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Mostly clear, with some morning freezing fog possible. Low 23.
  • Wednesday-Mostly sunny. Highs near 50.
  • Wednesday night-Partly cloudy. Low 25.
  • Thursday-Partly to mostly cloudy. High 53.
  • Friday-Mostly cloudy, some morning snow showers changing to rain. High 46.

Interestingly, most of the storm systems that have come through here recently have been coming in from the southwest. That’s going to change this week, as the usual cold front marching across the country from west to east occurs, and arrives for us on Friday.

Between now and then, we’ve got very little, other than the aforementioned freezing fog chances in the morning. I do think clouds start to drift into our area Thursday afternoon as the cold front approaches.

Then, we’ll see chances of rain or snow in the Tri-Cities Thursday night, with mostly snow in the mountains. For those of us in the valleys, we may see snow to start off Friday morning when we wake up. But before long, we’ll warm up just enough to see rain mix with and change to snow during the day. It should be pretty fun to watch!

I am concerned about temperatures being lower than what I’ve forecast here. If that happens there will be more snow and less rain. Last time I was concerned about that, I was wrong and we had half an inch of snow in Bristol and it rained the rest of the time. Hence the current state of the forecast.

The next couple days will be interesting to watch for any fluctuations in the computer models as that cold front gets closer to us. I’ll report any needed changes here as they happen. Have a great Wednesday!

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