January 4, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

It’s taking me some time to get used to the 2021…typing the same two letters twice was so much quicker! That might be the only advantage 2020 offered many of us. As we look at the weather, sprinkles and mist are the annoying features to a couple days of this Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast.

Here we go with the outlook first:

  • Tonight-Cloudy, a few rain or snow showers. Low 33.
  • Tuesday-Mostly cloudy and foggy at times. A few rain or snow showers are possible. High 44.
  • Tuesday night-Cloudy with snow flurries. Low 28.
  • Wednesday-Becoming partly cloudy. High 45.
  • Thursday-Partly cloudy with a small chance of rain late. Highs near 50.
  • Friday-Mostly cloudy, some rain or snow is possible. Highs near 40.

I must remind you here that the temperature posted on each line of the forecast is something we’re going up to for the high or going down to for the low. Just because I say the high will be near 44 doesn’t mean it’ll be 44 degrees for more than two minutes of the day. But if we hit that number, that’s our high.

I say that because the forecast involves “rain or snow showers” a lot. Of course, at 44 degrees, that’s going to be rain. But in the higher elevations, that’s upper 30’s and could still be snow. So be aware that your elevation and time of day will play a big factor as to when you get what and when.

For the most part, it does look like annoying mist or light snow flurries tonight through tomorrow night. It’s just the kind of mist that lets you know you need new windshield wipers. After a break in that on Wednesday, late Thursday could feature some of that as well here in the Tri-Cities. Again, higher elevations have a better chance of that being snow.

By Friday, low pressure arrives that is strong enough to bring some decent rain or snow amounts. As of this forecast, computer models point at mostly rain and temperatures in the mid 40s. As you can see, I don’t agree too terribly much with that, since the low pressure will be south of us and helping cold air in. We’ll see who is right.

Updates will be forthcoming on that throughout the week, so stay tuned to the blog each day for more information. Have a great Tuesday…and if you need car maintenance, go for it!