January 3, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

A new year has begun, with weather about where it should be in early January. There are a few rain showers possible at varying times this week, but the best chance of rain for us area-wide is on Friday. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for this week!

It’s a cloudy Sunday, with a few rain showers around from time to time. It’s very light, which is good news…unless you have old windshield wipers! Misty-rain causes lots of problems with those, like on my car right now. That’s a good reason to get them replaced regularly, especially this time of year where that happens a lot. Here’s the outlook for the forecast for this week:

  • Tonight-Cloudy with a few sprinkles or rain showers. Low 28.
  • Monday-Partly cloudy. Maybe a lingering rain shower in southwest Virginia. High 45.
  • Monday night-Mostly cloudy with a few rain showers. Low 34.
  • Tuesday-Cloudy with a small chance of rain. High 45.
  • Wednesday-Mostly sunny. High 46.
  • Thursday-Partly cloudy, small rain chance late. Highs near 50.
  • Friday-Rain likely, possibly mixing with snow at times (more snow in the mountains). High 40.

Cloudy conditions continue with some misty rain or sprinkles around the area as we finish the afternoon. That could happen off and on throughout the early part of the week as various disturbances drift through.

It does look like we have one clear and dry day, and that will be Wednesday. In fact, most of Thursday looks dry before low pressure moves past us to the south. That will bring a good chance of rain Thursday night and into Friday.

Once cold weather starts moving in, rain mixing with and changing to snow will be a thing at times, especially in the mountains. Even in the Tri-Cities, though, we could see some snow showers mixing in at times during the day on Friday.

I’ll have more on all of that as we progress through the rest of the week. It doesn’t look like much snow accumulation right now, but travel issues can happen with the least of snow accumulations. So I’ll keep an eye on it and update you here throughout the week. Have a good one!