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April 14, 2019 #TriCitiesWx Severe Weather Update

April 14, 2019

Here’s an edited version of my severe weather safety information about tonight that I posted earlier today on my Twitter.

The first round of rain and storms is almost through our area as of 12:30 PM. Round 2 is developing in West Tennessee/Kentucky and will be here this evening.

This includes chances for hail, damaging winds, and maybe a tornado or two. Make sure you have something on your phone to let you know of warnings. Turn on WEA alerts or download an app that will blare out sounds when a warning is up for where you are.

For WEA alerts on your phone, for Apple products, go to Settings then Notifications. Scroll to the Government Alerts section and turn everything on. That will notify you of potential severe weather. There are apps that do that, like the paid weather radio by WDT app.

If you’re a gamer, get the Accuweather app. It’s free, set it up with your location and it will warn you while you’re playing #Fortnite or #rdr2 this evening…or whatever else you play. It will tell you everything from tornado warnings to freeze warnings.

Only if you’re outside should you listen for sirens. Most wont hear them inside anyway. If you have a weather radio, make sure the batteries are good. If you don’t have one, get one. Make sure you have two ways or more to get warnings.

If you’re living in a mobile home, you have to get out to survive if a tornado hits. Call someone with a sturdy home and ask if you can shelter with them and get there. It might be a good idea to just stay with them until the storms pass.

So what if nothing happens tonight? Great! It’s not preparing in vain because all these things will be ready for you for future events when something does happen. And sooner or later, it will.

What to do before tonight? Get loose items and cars inside if you can. Less stuff for wind to blow around. As for cars, it’s best to protect yours if you can. Hail damage is insured, but can cause problems down the line. Theres time to clear out a garage if need be!

Otherwise, just make sure you have a safety kit in your safe place (lowest floor of the building, away from outside walls and windows). Mark it as a safe place for future events. Get shoes and pillows and helmets to put in it and keep them there.

Once storms arrive, get to that safe place. Tornado warnings have time limits, so be sure to note that. Keep a radio nearby (I’ll be on 91.5, 96.3, 97.3, 100.7, 103.3, and 100.3 FM periodically) with updates and I will give all clear messages. I’m also on 870 AM, 1090 AM, and 1230 AM until sunset, then the FM stations will be better. Streaming options are on the right side of the blog.

One of all those FM frequencies listed above will cover our area. After an all clear or end of a warning, if your house is there, great! Now you know what to do every time there’s severe weather. Take pictures when it’s safe if you do have damage.

I will also give an all clear when severe weather is over. I’ll do that either here on my Twitter, on air if need be, here on the blog. I’ll post an update later this afternoon. I didn’t cover everything here, so go the Severe Weather Safety Rules page for more information. Even if storms don’t materialize, you will know what to do when they do. Be safe!

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