September 24, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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We’ve had weather the past few week or so more like August than September, but this week that seems to be changing. We’ll have chances of rain every day of this Sunday evening Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast!

We begin the forecast with some heavy rain that’s been moving through the area at times today. There was heavy rain near Bristol Motor Speedway around 6:30 this afternoon, but officially at the airport nothing is on the board as of 9:30pm. That’s what “scattered showers and storms” will do for you sometimes! We’ll continue with that phrase in the forecast for each of the next five days, so let’s go to the outlook:

  • Tonight-Cloudy with some scattered showers. Low 65.
  • Monday-Partly to mostly cloudy with a couple showers or storms. High 78.
  • Monday night-Cloudy with scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm. Low 64.
  • Tuesday-Partly to mostly cloudy, some scattered showers or storms. Highs near 80.
  • Wednesday-Mostly cloudy, rain is likely with possible storms. High 75.
  • Thursday-A cloudy day with scattered showers. High 74.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy, maybe a stray shower or storm. High 77.

Low pressure is on top of us at this time (Sunday at 9:30), and a cold front extends along the southern Tennessee border all the way to Memphis. That’s going to do the typical summer front trick of stalling and converting to a stationary front during the day tomorrow. There will be a chance of rain and storms as that is nearby.

That said, I’m not expecting it to rain all day either Monday or Tuesday. We’ll see rain at times with breaks at times as well. A good chance of rain returns Monday night, and then we could have dry weather for a lot of Tuesday as it looks right now. But be aware that at any time we might have some rain or a thunderstorm the first two days of the week.

The cold front out to our west will come through here on Wednesday, bringing a good chance of steady rain and possible thunderstorms then. If any day “rains all day,” Wednesday is likely it. Thursday will have the chances for lingering rain showers around as clouds stay in the area as well.

As it is right now, I’m not sure rain is a strong possibility on Friday, but I’ll keep an eye on that. I think the front will be too far gone to bring rain back to us by then, and it doesn’t look like anything else in the atmosphere is capable of doing what the models think they will by dropping light rain chances at the end of the week. I’ll keep an eye on it, though.

Once we get past that, things do look good all the way around for the weekend. But I’ll get to that in a couple days when I can get a good look at it.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast, have a great week!

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September 12, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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It’s a wild time in the weather world, and a really scary one, too. There are quite a few hurricanes in the Atlantic to deal with, the main one being Florence. We know it’s going to hit the coast somewhere, but whether it’s North or South Carolina remains to be seen.  From there, it will bring rain and wind to us early next week. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through the weekend!

Florence doesn’t appear right now to be going where we thought it was going a couple days ago. Now, it looks to be heading farther south down the coast before it makes it inland in South Carolina. The track seems to go toward Georgia this weekend and up to our area early next week. But even that could change. Here’s the outlook based on what we know right now:

  • Tonight-A few evening showers, then partly cloudy. Patchy morning fog. Low 68.
  • Thursday-Partly sunny with a small chance of rain or a thunderstorm. High 87.
  • Thursday night-Evening rain showers ending, becoming partly cloudy. Low 68.
  • Friday-Partly to mostly sunny, only a small chance of rain. High 87.
  • Saturday-Partly cloudy with a couple stray showers or storms. High 84.
  • Sunday-Partly to mostly cloudy. Scattered storms develop in the afternoon. High 80.

As of the 5 PM National Hurricane Center update, Florence is a category 3 hurricane, with winds sustained at 120 mph. That’s still a nasty storm, but weaker than it was this time yesterday. As of that update, it’s supposed to skirt the North Carolina coast Friday, and make landfall in South Carolina (near the NC border) late that night or early Saturday.

If that pans out, tons of rain will fall in southeastern North Carolina and in much of South Carolina. Storm surge will be dangerous near the coast, and the winds will be horrible. That said, it does appear that the storm will move away from there, which is somewhat good news. Florence looks to cut through South Carolina this weekend, and arrive in the Smokies on Monday.

Of course, that means our summer weather pattern should stay that way for a little longer. Where I was thinking yesterday that it might be raining for a lot of Saturday thanks to Florence, many of us might be rain-free, with only a small chance of a summertime pop-up shower or thunderstorm. That will be the case for tomorrow through Saturday.

By Sunday, as Florence weakens and comes inland, its rainfall will start approaching our area. Look for that to bring some gusty winds at times as well. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are likely by then, and could continue all the way through Tuesday.

That’s how it looks right now. I’ll try to have an update tomorrow before we do high school football on Friday night. This situation is changing by the day, but the one thing we’ve known for a while is that the Carolinas will see some awful weather along the coast starting tomorrow.

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September 7, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Football and fundraisers are going to render this blog to a few less details, and hopefully next week we’ll be able to continue the daily updates, which is the point of this blog. That said, a couple of things need to be mentioned about the weekend. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Tuesday!

First, every one of the next four days will feature showers and storms, but none of those days will have rain all day. Monday might be more cloudy and cooler than the other days, but that’s about the only difference! There will likely be significant amounts of time each day through Tuesday where rain will not be falling.

Second, as always, if you hear thunder, make sure to get to an enclosed building. This will likely keep you out of lightning’s reach, especially if you’re also away from windows. Staying inside 30 minutes after the last heard rumble of thunder is a good rule to follow before going back out. All that said, here’s the forecast!

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy, a few showers and storms from time to time. Low 67.
  • Saturday-Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered showers and storms. High 85.
  • Saturday night-Cloudy with scattered showers and storms. Low 68.
  • Sunday-Partly sunny with a small chance of rain or a thunderstorm. High 86.
  • Monday-Cloudy with rain and thunderstorms likely. High 81.
  • Tuesday-Cloudy with scattered showers and storms. High 84.

A cold front will move through here late Monday, but will come back as a warm/stationary front soon thereafter, keeping chances of rain up for Tuesday.

As for high school football, some of you may have to wait out a delay for a storm in the mountains or coming out of that area. After it gets dark, things will be fine weather wise for most of us. I’ll be at Sullivan Central as they host Johnson County tonight. Air time is 6:45pm with kickoff at 7:30 on 96.3 The Possum. Join us on the radio or listen online at Have a great weekend!

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August 28, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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Summertime weather continues in late August, and we’ll have typical late August weather through the rest of the month. In fact, we’ll start September with temperatures a bit above average. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Saturday!

Weather is calm here in our area this afternoon, with late afternoon storms not popping up just yet as of 3:45 PM. A cold front that will arrive in a much weaker form later this week is spawning off severe thunderstorms in Wisconsin, making that the weather news of the day. Our forecast is hot and humid for a while:

  • Tonight-Maybe an evening rain shower, then partly cloudy. Low 65.
  • Wednesday-Morning fog, then a sunny day with pop-up afternoon storms possible. Highs near 90.
  • Wednesday night-Partly cloudy with a few scattered showers and storms possible. Low 68.
  • Thursday-Partly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 85.
  • Friday-Partly cloudy with scattered mainly afternoon storms. High 85.
  • Saturday-Mostly sunny, only a small chance of rain late in the day. High 87.

High pressure is close at hand, but this time of year that doesn’t mean all that much. Occasionally on afternoons like this, cumulus clouds in the sky grow up into the atmosphere to become cumulonimbus clouds, which bring a short respite from the heat with rain and a few rumbles of thunder. They quickly die down, especially at night. These are called pulse storms.

The cumulus clouds outside my window in Blountville this afternoon don’t have much vertical development, which should mean less storms today. However, that could be a different situation in the higher elevations, so keep that in mind until sunset.

After that, we’ll have a little fog early in the morning, with tomorrow looking similar to today. That cold front brings better rain and thunderstorm chances Thursday and Friday before it dies out, leaving Saturday as a very warm and humid day with afternoon storms possible once again.

As always, keep in mind that if you’re near one of the storms, get indoors until it dies down or moves on. It’s rarely too long before you can get outside and resume working or playing again.

Speaking of playing, the ETSU High School Game of the Week stops off at Sullivan North Friday night as the Golden Raiders take on Cosby. I’ll be on the air with Rick Brooks for all the action starting at 6:45 Friday evening, with kickoff coming at 7:30 on 96.3 The Possum. You can stream us online at

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August 20, 2018 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

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After some rain this morning, the rest of the day has been mostly dry across the Tri-Cities. That changes tomorrow, but the process brings cooler, less humid weather the last three days of the week! Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Friday!

If you’re heading out to the Appalachian Fair this week, any day looks good at this point. The exception may be tomorrow, as a cold front looks to bring some scattered showers and storms our way. After that, you’re not going to believe it’s late August! Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy, some scattered showers and storms possible. Lows near 70.
  • Tuesday-Partly to mostly cloudy, with scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 84.
  • Tuesday night-A few scattered showers and storms, otherwise mostly cloudy. Low 68.
  • Wednesday-Mostly sunny with a small chance of rain. High 78.
  • Thursday-Mostly sunny. High 78.
  • Friday-Mostly sunny. High 83.

There are still a couple stray showers around, but that’s pretty much all we’ll see for a while tonight. Later on we might get some rain and storms as a cold front that’s in Illinois and Missouri through Texas heads our way. It looks like that front moves through here tomorrow, which will trigger off-and-on showers and thunderstorms during the day.

After the cold front moves through, we might have a couple stray showers or storms tomorrow night through Wednesday, but our weather improves a lot after that! Cold fronts don’t normally have much effect on us this time of year, but this one will. Look for cooler weather with temperatures not touching 80 Wednesday and Thursday as a drop in humidity will be easy to notice as well.

An early look at the weekend indicates our usual afternoon pop-up showers and storms returns by then. I’ll have more on that as I can through the rest of the week.

Make sure you go out to see WHCB, Love FM and 96.3 The Possum at the Appalachian Fair this week! We’re all in commercial building number 1, with WHCB and Love FM together and The Possum on the other side of the building. I’ll be in The Possum booth tomorrow from 4:30 to 7, and in the WHCB booth (it’s the one with the castle!) on Wednesday at similar times. Stop by and say hello!

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