March 1, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

We’ve already entered the third month of 2021, and probably more importantly, the month that contains when we first started all this coronavirus mess last year. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long…in some ways it feels like longer, others it doesn’t. Kind of like winter, which meteorologically ended yesterday! We’ll have reasonable weather on the way this week as we prepare for warmth that is not far away. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Friday…outlook first!

  • Tonight-Mostly cloudy. Low 28.
  • Tuesday-Partly to mostly sunny. High 52.
  • Tuesday night-Increasing clouds, scattered showers (may mix with snow) late. Low 33.
  • Wednesday-A few rain or snow showers early, but becoming partly cloudy. High 57.
  • Thursday-Mostly sunny. High 57.
  • Friday-Mostly sunny. High 53.

The forecast begins with the end of rain for a little while, thankfully! Folks to our north are glad of that, I’m sure, as Kentucky and West Virginia have seen lots of flooding. Low pressure moves through the South Wednesday on its way into the Atlantic Ocean. That will bring a small chance of rain and/or snow Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I don’t expect too much difficulty out of that, though.

That system is going to be gone pretty quickly, and we’ll see fantastic weather the rest of the week. Wednesday afternoon will feature temperatures a tick above average for early March, and Thursday the same. Friday looks a bit cooler at this point, but with sunshine it’ll still be a good day.

That’s all for this forecast…I’ll have a peek at Saturday’s forecast tomorrow afternoon. Have a great Tuesday!

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February 28, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

For the most part, rain has stayed away today! Warm winds shot us up into record high territory this afternoon as well. We have another batch of rain and maybe storms to get through before things temporarily dry out. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog for the first few days of March!

March means the beginning of meteorological Spring. I’m telling you that for one reason, really. The end of cold weather is near! There are cold snaps to come for sure over the next six weeks or so, but the worst of the cold is pretty much gone as meteorological winter departs in less than two hours as this blog is written.

Early March temperatures are about what we’re going to get this week, with a couple bouts of rain to get to. The first bit of rain is already starting in Southwest Virginia this evening. Here’s the outlook for the rest of the week’s weather:

  • Tonight-Clouds with rain developing, some heavy at times. Thunder is possible. Low 53.
  • Monday-Some morning fog and rain showers, otherwise mostly cloudy. Early highs around 55, afternoon in the 40s.
  • Monday night-Cloudy and colder, lows near 30.
  • Tuesday-Partly cloudy. High 53.
  • Wednesday-Partly to mostly cloudy with some scattered showers. High 54.
  • Thursday-Mostly sunny. High 53.

A cold front that will move through in the morning is bringing some strong and even severe storms to other parts of the South, including a couple tornado warnings in Mississippi and Louisiana. Flooding is a real problem, with flood watches and warnings up for a good part of Tennessee and Kentucky. In fact, some flooding is possible in our area when the heavy rain arrives later tonight.

It won’t be long, though, before rain moves out. The cold front will finish that off sometime tomorrow morning, or perhaps early afternoon. We will see our high in the mid 50s early on, though, as temperatures drop behind the front into the 40s Monday afternoon.

Tuesday looks mostly dry, then low pressure moves across the South by Wednesday, bringing a few showers along with it. After that, we’ll have a sunny day on Thursday that looks right now to be almost exactly the same as Thursday.

I did mention the chance of a thunderstorm tonight, but it doesn’t look like anything will be severe. As typically happens around here, storms are usually done by the time they get here late at night. Any thunder may wake up sleeping kiddos, so don’t be surprised if you’ve got a buddy beside you sometime tonight if the thunder rolls!

It’s Severe Weather Awareness Week, so make sure you make a plan for severe weather! I have lots of information on that on the Severe Weather Safety Rules page, so give that a look. Plan where you’re safe place is going to be at home, school or work so you’ll know what to do for any kind of event, and what to put in your safety kit to take on the way to your safe place!

February 25, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it on the blog, but internally it does annoy me. Today was warmer than forecast! We hit 64 degrees this afternoon, a full 8 degrees above the forecast. Things don’t look so peachy weather wise as we head into the weekend, with a lot of rain headed our way. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for tonight through Sunday!

Here’s the outlook for the next few days:

  • Tonight-Increasing clouds, with some rain showers possible toward morning. Low 36.
  • Friday-Mostly cloudy with rain showers, most likely in the afternoon. Highs near 50.
  • Friday night-More clouds and scattered showers. Low 43.
  • Saturday-Mostly cloudy, with rain likely, mostly in the morning. High 62.
  • Sunday-Clouds and rain, with possible thunderstorms. Highs near 70.

Low pressure is gathering in Texas, and that will bring rain to most of the Southeast in the coming days. Lots of areas could see a lot of rain, so the alarm bells are already ringing for flooding risks, especially on Sunday.

Rain will likely be off-and-on throughout, but as low pressure and a cold front get close to us this weekend, rain could get heavy at times. By the time we get there, what rain we see before will saturate the ground and make flooding an easier achievement. So if you’re in an area that floods when it rains a lot, be aware of a good chance of that this weekend.

I should be able to have more on the forecast tomorrow, and including early next week as well. Have a great Friday!

February 24, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

The weather outside was fantastic today! I thought we might have a chance at 70 degrees today, but didn’t forecast it. And we got there! So while I’ll have to deal with my official forecast missing by two degrees, let’s dive into the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast, this time outlook first!

  • Tonight-Increasing clouds with some rain showers possible late. Lows near 40.
  • Thursday-A slight chance of rain early, then partly cloudy skies. High 56.
  • Thursday night-Increasing clouds. Rain showers may mix with snow by morning. Low 35.
  • Friday-A mix of rain and snow is possible early, otherwise clouds and rain. High 49.
  • Saturday-Cloudy with rain that could be heavy at times. High 58.
  • Sunday-Mostly cloudy, with rain showers likely. Rain could be heavy at times. High 66.

We start the forecast with a swiftly moving cold front that will move through tonight. There’s a chance of a few light rain showers just behind that front. Most of that should move out by sunrise, where we’ll start the daytime part of Thursday with cloudy skies. The rest of the day should be partly cloudy and dry.

Dry weather won’t last long, though, as low pressure southwest of us will push more clouds and rain back in here tomorrow night. Depending on your elevation, rain may mix with snow at times early Friday morning before changing to rain. After that, the low pressure stays close by for a while, bringing a good chance of rain for each day this weekend.

The phrase “rain may be heavy at times” is a mini-warning to be careful this weekend. If you’re near things that normally flood, be aware of that risk Friday through Sunday, especially during the weekend days. If your basement floods easily, it might be wise to move things out of the way so they don’t get wet in the coming days.

Thanks for checking here for the forecast! You can hear it each day on WHCB 91.5 FM, where we’re having Sharathon the rest of this week! Make sure you tune in by going to if you can’t tune us in on 91.5 FM. Have a great Thursday!

February 23, 2021 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

It’s a little bit late with the forecast this evening, thanks to preparing for WHCB 91.5 FM’s Sharathon that starts tomorrow at 7 in the morning! Thankfully, there’s not a lot weather-wise to be concerned with on Wednesday. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Friday!

Between now and the end of the week, a couple shots of rain are possible, with snow maybe being involved early on Friday. None of which looks to be too messy, with thunderstorms and/or heavy snow not being a threat in the coming days. Here’s the outlook:

  • Tonight-Partly cloudy. Low, 33.
  • Wednesday-Mostly sunny and warm. High 68.
  • Wednesday night-Increasing clouds, with rain possible around and after midnight. Lows near 40.
  • Thursday-Clouds in the morning, becoming mostly sunny later on. High 57.
  • Friday-Mostly cloudy, a morning mix of rain and snow possible, then some rain showers. Highs near 50.

High pressure moves from near us to east of us tomorrow, bringing in warm south winds and making our area feel like Spring outside! Some folks south of the Tri-Cities (like Greeneville or Morristown) might hit 70 tomorrow, in fact. The rest of us will see the upper 60s by the end of the day, with predictably cooler highs in the mountains tomorrow.

A quick cold front zips through here tomorrow night, so look for clouds to increase and rain to move in late tomorrow evening and overnight. It’ll be gone by Thursday morning, so we’ll wake up to cloudy skies and sunshine will return throughout the day.

Another front arrives Friday, and brings a chance of light snow showers mixing with rain in spots as soon as the early morning hours. That’s going to change to all rain (if it isn’t already) before we get too far through the day.

I’ll hopefully have a first look at the weekend weather tomorrow afternoon. It could be closer to the evening, depending on how things go. Please tune in to Sharathon 2021 on WHCB starting tomorrow morning at 7 AM! This is our big fundraiser that helps us keep operating for the rest of the year. You can listen at 91.5 FM in most of the Tri-Cities, 103.3 FM in Washington County, Virginia, and online at We’d love for you to call in with your support. Keeping the station going keeps these forecasts going, too!